Chair Massage Service

Information About Chair Massage Services



      Twilight Dreamer Massage (TDM) chair massage service can provide this service for your business staff as a special treat or on a regular schedule to help improve productivity. 

       A normal chair massage can last up to fifteen minutes at the rate of a dollar a minute. Scheduling is from one to three hours and limits are based on one license massage therapist (LMT) and one chair. TDM can arrange for more LMT’s and additional chairs with advance scheduling of your event. Your business can set the amount of time for each massage, however, TDM suggests that no less than five minutes per chair massage.

       If your business would like this service for a one time treat or on a regular basis, TDM will work with you based on your needs. We can then discuss frequency and method of payment.

Schedule Your Business Chair Massage

Twilight Dreamer Massage will need to know contact person's name. How many persons you are offering this service too.  Schedule date the service is wanted.

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